Spine Anatomy

Back And Neck Pain Treatment In The Houston, TX Area

The spine, also called the back bone, is designed to give our body stability, smooth movement, and provide a corridor of protection over the spinal cord. Being as delicate as it is, the spinal cord requires this protection as well as conscious care, to remain strong. At Modern Spine, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality spinal care services to ensure that this main component of the body is treated properly.

To care for the spine, it is important to understand the anatomy of it. The spine is made up for bony segments called vertebra, and fibrous tissue called inter vertebral discs.  The vertebra and discs form a column from your head, all the way to the pelvis, giving symmetry and support to the body.

The Spine Can Be Divided Into 4 Main Regions:

  1. Cervical – consists of 7 small vertebrae that form in the neck
  2. Thoracic – consists of 12 vertebrae that are found in the mid-back area. The ribs are hinged from the vertebrae in this region.
  3. Lumbar – consists of 5 vertebrae. These are the largest of the mobile vertebra, and support two-thirds of the body’s weight.
  4. Sacrum & Coccyx – the lowest region of the spine. The sacrum is a triangular plate made up of 5 fused vertebral segments, and the four coccyxes terminate the bony spine.

Superior Spinal Care Begins With An Understanding Of The Spine

The physicians of Modern Spine have a deep understanding of the anatomy of the spine in order to provide the highest level of spinal care to each of our patients. If you are experiencing neck pain, back pain, or have other concerns with your spine, the physicians of Modern Spine will discuss your needs with you to determine an individualized treatment plan.

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